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Expat Kitchen was created in 2007, to help bridge the culinary gap between the meals that your helper prepares and what your palate expects. Expat Kitchen now offers the same level of expertise for all interested food lovers.

Our chefs are experienced EXPAT trainers who are native English speakers.

We focus on teaching
'Real Western Food'.

From Basic to Master Class,
we teach at every level.

4 week courses or
stand alone 3-hour themed classes.

Held in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, our hands-on classes include tasting and Q&A

Our classes intergrate kitchen hygience and food storage;
health and nutrition.

Participants receive workbooks filled with recipes, diagrams, cooking notes and kitchen time savers.

We also offer kitchen hire, catering, corporate team building and event hosting.



Fridays 4. 11, 18 & 25 May 2018, 10am - 1pm

From savoury to sweet, we cover all your baked favourites and more...

Peranakan Cooking (NEW)

Saturdays 7, 14, 21 & 28 April, 2.30Pm - 5.30pm

Heritage cuisine

Kids Easter Baking

Saturday 17 Mar, 10.30am - 12.00pm

Let your mini chef get creative with these fun festive themed treats

Great Greek

Friday 2 March, 10am - 1pm

Mediterranean Cuisine at its best.
Focus Courses
Basic Cooking

Intermediate Cooking

Thursdays 8, 15, 22 & 29 Mar 2018, 10am - 1pm

Course includes a wide variety of international dishes and their presentation as sharing platters or as individually plated dinners.

Cooking delicious for weight management

Saturdays 24 Feb - Sat 5th May, 9am - 12pm

Fortnightly classes covering, Healthy eating, smart choices, nutritious lunches, snacks, food labels & myth busting fats/sugars/carbs
Weight Management Cooking
60 Courses
2080 Classes Conducted
10,400 Dishes Created
18,720 Happy Students


My helper has really gained in confidence and fluency by attending Expat Kitchen's great courses and so we have all benefited at home!


Fantastic cooking school in little India that teaches both local and western courses. Really big kitchen with great staff.


We have noticed a big difference in Mel’s confidence in the kitchen. I have just returned to work so it has been very important for us that Mel has a good grasp of the basics and your course has been fabulous.


Sriyani is thoroughly enjoying the cooking classes. Her confidence has improved hugely and she is very keen to cook what she has learnt. So far everything she has prepared has been cooked to perfection and has been delicious!


Kumari had a fabulous time on the course and really enjoyed every minute of it. She has grown in confidence and is very keen to cook her new recipes. You run a great show!


We are so pleased with Cathy’s cooking since she started taking your course. We love her Moroccan chicken and breakfast meals and I’m looking forward to trying the fish curry.


All of the dishes Bhing has prepared have been delicious! Your classes have given her such confidence in the kitchen and she seems to really love to cook. Thank you so much for bringing new and delicious meals to our table.


My kitchen, especially my fridge, has never been more organised and clean! Yes, she understands how to plan a well-balanced and healthy meal now. Really appreciate the effort and training provided by Expat Kitchen.


You are doing a fabulous job. I always knew that Raquel could cook. It’s just that she has never worked for an Expat family. The course was an excellent investment.




At Expat Kitchen we provide a stimulating, exciting environment where we all share a passion and love for food. The team is proud to support you in developing your culinary skills, no matter what level you think you are.

If you would like to join the team, feel free to contact us at admin@expat-kitchen.com.


SK LEONG Executive Director

"Despite my background in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, I have always been fond of cooking. It all started back in the day when I was an undergraduate in the USA, way before the internet era. Living in a foreign country, I had to pick up cooking through sharing and experimenting different recipes with friends. These days, my weekends mostly consist of whipping up meals for my family and close friends. Being in the kitchen is a form of therapy for me, and Expat Kitchen allows me to pursue my passion for continuous learning of new recipes, working with an international team of chefs and professionals and sharing the love of  food with everyone."

"We have a roster of trainers who are all experienced industry trained chefs with a passion for imparting their wealth of knowledge."

Other Expat Kitchen team members include:
MARGARET MOSES Admin Manager | JEANNIE & IRENE General Kitchen Hands


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