Tastes of Asia


A culinary journey

Tastes of Asia

Embark on a culinary journey around the orient.
Explore the cuisines of Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and more.
Tastes of Asia Week 1

class 1 - Thai


A truly authentic Thai menu that creates harmony between the 4 main elements of taste.

  • Tom Yam Soup with Fish
  • Green Chicken Curry
  • Green Mango Salad
  • Chicken with Basil Leaves
  • Pad Thai Noodles with Tofu
Tastes of Asia Week 2

class 2 - Asian Curry

There is nothing more mouth-watering than a homemade curry. Understand all the spices and what makes an authentic curry.

  • Chicken, Potato and Tomato Curry
  • Butter Chicken
  • Sri Lankan Chicken Curry
  • Coconut Beef Curry
  • Steamed Banana Leaf Fish Curry
  • Cucumber, Coriander & Mint Raita
Tastes of Asia Week 3

class 3 - Vietnamese


Experience the fresh, healthy, balanced flavours of Sweet, Salty, Sour and Spicy Vietnamese favourites.

  • San Choi Bao - spicy chicken mince served in crisp lettuce leaves
  • Pork Glass Noodle Salad
  • Fresh Rice Paper Rolls filled with Shredded Chicken, Prawns, Noodles & Fresh Herbs. Served with chilli sauce & peanut sauce
  • Traditional Beef Pho - slow cooked hot beef broth
  • Lemongrass Fish Skewers
Tastes of Asia Week 4

class 4 - Chinese


Learn to recreate these local favourites in your own home.

  • Black Pepper Beef
  • Honey Sesame Chicken
  • Pork & Shitake Mushroom Dumplings
  • Seabass with Sizzling Ginger, Chilli, Garlic & Onions
  • Chinese Fried Rice with Shrimp

Tastes of Asia schedule

You are welcome to attend just ONE class @ $145. To do so, please apply EK145for1 as the coupon code in the Checkout page.
Tue 05 Mar 2019
Tue 12 Mar 2019
Tue 19 Mar 2019
Tue 26 Mar 2019
10.00am - 1.00pm
Class 1 - Thai
Class 2 - Asian Curry
Class 3 - Vietnamese
Class 4 - Chinese
for all 4 classes