Peranakan Cooking


Step back in time


Peranakans are locally born immigrant Chinese. They are an interesting group of people in the sense that they do not conform to the standard Chinese culture. From religion to architecture to food, Peranakans are an examplary mish mash of  Chinese, Malay and European cultures. Their food is considered the first fusion cuisine. Peranakans keep not only money but  recipes in their safes at home! Food Recipes are the pride of every Peranakan. Learn the secrets to Nonya's kitchen with Chef Lionel Chee, one of Singapore's earliest Hokkien families. Chef Lionel is the former Chef of Casa Bom Vento Restaurant which ran for 20 years, having served local dignitaries, including the past four Singapore presidents, the Prime Minister, ministers and foreign dignitaries.

Class 1 - Peranakan 101

  • Pickles - Essential component
  • Basic Sambals - No chilli, no Peranakan cuisine!
  • Ayam Pongtey - Nonya Chicken & Potato Stew
  • Sayor Lodeh - Curried Vegetables in Coconut Broth
  • Goreng Pisang with Kaya & coconut cream - Banana Fritters

Class 2

  • Kachang Botol Salad - Wing Bean Salad
  • Kiam Chye Ark - Salted Vegetable Duck Soup  
  • Chicken Curry Lemak - Original Chicken Curry
  • Chap Chye - Braised Mixed Vegetables
  • Kuih Bong Kong - Rice Flour Cake with Melted Palm Sugar 

Class 3

  • Salt Fish Belimbeng with Mustard Seed - A Forgotten Entree
  • Buah Keluak - Black Nut Curry with sauce that sticks to your spoon!
  • Sambal Prawns with Petai - Spicy Prawns with Bitter Beans
  • Chincalok Omelette - Fermented Strimp Omelette 
  • Beef Rendang - a Classic!

Class 4 - Street Food

  • Laksa - Curried Coconut Noodle Soup DIsh made from Scratch
  • Otah Otah - Spicy Steamed Parcel of Minced Fish, Wrapped in Banana Leaves
  • Mee Siam - Local Asam Sour & Sweet Vermicelli
  • Bubo Cha Cha - Sweet Potato Medley & Yam Cooked in Coconut Milk

Peranakan Schedule

2019 Dates TBC

You are welcome to attend just ONE class @ $145. To do so, please apply EK145for1 as the coupon code in the Checkout page.