Mr Kitchen


Bringing your family back to the table


Mr Kitchen is a men only cooking course designed to meet the specific needs of males who want to be more confident in the kitchen. You will be offered a welcome drink of beer, wine or mineral water on arrival to get you de-stressed, followed by an introduction to the basic theories of cooking. We expect that this is a course that you can enjoy for a lifetime. It’s fun, flexible, and practical way to have the skills necessary to provide good food, with a minimum of effort.

To be honest, I was apprehensive before the course that we would be simply following a recipe. However, the most beneficial part of the evening was the positive engagement from Annette explaining the rational behind the recipes, how you can change it and most importantly the other very useful cooking tips you don't get from reading the recipe. In a word she worked the floor very well.

This was the most valued part of evening in my view, as I know of other courses where attendees are just left to follow recipes which doesn't really add any value ie they don't learn.

The other guys in the course were also informative and very easy to get along with which also helped a lot especially the funny food reporter! It seemed everyone was there for the same reasons and it didn't matter that I couldn't really cook.

I am not sure this helps but I will be coming back for the beer & BBQ and a few others - I will be bringing more booze too!


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