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Choose from the following amazing classes at discounted prices.


1 class @ $165,   2 classes @ $312,

3 classes @ $445,    4 classes @ $560,     5 classes @ $705 (with a 6th Class FREE!!!)       



Our Focus courses are designed for Helpers and are structured to provide 3 hours of intense cooking focusing on different themed cuisines. Courses will be offered on rotation basis.

The courses currently on offer are listed below including the dishes prepared:

Meals in Minutes

Tuesday 31st March, 10am - 1pm

Low Carb Diet

Friday 10th April, 10am - 1pm

From refrigerator to table in 30mins - try these simple, quick and time saving meals for the family..

Find out how a low carb diet can pave the way for a new slim you!

  • Balsamic lamb cutlets with beetroot and feta salad
  • Tandoori chicken sliders with minted yoghurt
  • Warm beef & Roasted Capsicum Salad
  • Low Fat creamy tuna pasta
  • Pumpkin, zucchini & feta frittata
  • Lemongrass Chicken Kebabs
  • Chargrilled warm vegetable salad with mint & feta
  • Chinese Beef Parcels
  • Tropical Fish Salad
  • Mini crust less quiches with red pepper dressing
Tarts & Quiches

Thursday 16th April, 10am - 1pm

Mediterranean Meza

Monday 27th April, 10am - 1pm

Super tasty recipes which are versatile enough to be served as a light main meal or even lunch!

Let yourself give in to the exotic spices and taste as we recreate Arabian Nights in your kitchen.

  • Quiche Lorraine with paprika & thyme crust
  • Apple tart tartin
  • Jam Tart
  • Leek, walnut & goats cheese tart
  • Roasted tomato quiche with sour cream
  • Oven baked falafel with yoghurt tahini sauce (served with pita bread)
  • Marinated eggplant and goat's cheese dolmades
  • Open-faced kofta 
  • Chicken tagine
  • Fatouch salad
  • Baklava
Great Greek

Friday 8th May, 10am - 1pm

Curry Club

Friday 15th May, 10am - 1pm

From Moussaka to Baklava - Greek food at your fingertips!

There is nothing more mouth-watering than a homemade curry. Understand all the spices and what makes an authentic curry.
  • Spanakopita
  • Moussaka
  • Greek Chicken Parcels
  • Beetroot Tzartiki
  • Greek Honey Cake
  • Chick pea, Potato and Tomato Curry
  • Butter Chicken
  • Sri Lankan Chicken Curry
  • Coconut Beef Curry
  • Steamed Banana Leaf Fish Curry
  • Cucumber, Coriander and Mint Raita 

Thursday 28th May, 10am - 1pm

All things natural prepared as only Mother Earth would recommend.  
  • Vegetarian San Choi Bao
  • Low fat Dahl
  • Spinach, Chickpea and Feta Tart
  • Mediterranean stuffed Mushrooms
  • Eggplant, Goat's Cheese and Lentil Snacks




$165 per class
Note: Discounted prices do not apply for Hosted Classes.



Authentic Thai 1


Monday 6th April 2015, 10am - 1pm @ $165

Thai cooking is all about creating a harmony between 4 main elements of taste: sweet, sour, salty & spicy.  Chef Sarab has devised 2  truly authentic Thai menus..

  • Tom Yam Soup
  • Red Beef curry

  • Fish with Tamarind Sauce

  • Mango salad
  • Chicken with Basil leaves
  • Chicken salad with lemongrass


Authentic Thai 2


Friday 24th April 2015, 10am - 1pm @ $165

  • Pomelo Salad
  • Pad Thai Noodles with Tofu
  • Massaman curry
  • Hot & Sour Thai Fish
  • Tom Kha Gai - lemongrass chicken soup 



Indian Beginners


Monday 13th April 2015, 10am - 1pm @ $165

Traditional Indian cooking concepts with modern ingredients to create truly delicious updated Indian fare. 

  • Tadka Dal - flavoursome slow cooked yellow dal
  • Roti and Paratha - delightful breads to accompany your meal
  • Green Peas Pulao a  favourite combination of peas, spices & fluffy basmati rice
  • Aloo Gobi traditional spiced cauliflower & potato curry
  • Baingan Bharta much-loved North Indian roasted eggplant dish
  • Paneer Bhurji - delicious spiced crumbled paneer



Indian Intermediate


Monday 20th April 2015, 10am - 1pm @ $165

  • Mughlai Vegetarian Biryani  quintessential spiced rice
  • Palak Paneer –  paneer cooked in mouth watering creamed spinach
  • Rajma Masala – red kidney bean masala curry
  • Dal Makhani  smooth and velvety texture black lentil hot pot
  • Chana / Chole Masala – popular North Indian chickpea curry